Rhett Tyler

"It ain't nothin' but the blues…"


Rhett Tyler’s Early Warning: 3 Musicians + 1 Road Crew (Typical)
Rhett Tyler (Solo Acoustic):  Rhett Tyler + 1 Road Crew (Typical)


The following is a list of basic requirements for booking a Rhett Tyler performance:

Stage Dimensions: 12’w X 10’d or larger preferred (Outdoor stages to be covered)
Sound: Professional sound system w/ monitors suitable for venue
Lights: Sufficient lighting for proper illumination of stage and performers
Note: Typically house sound and lights are suitable
Input List / Stage Plot available on request


Backline specifications are available on request.
Note: Musicians typically travel with and prefer to use their own instruments and equipment.


Hospitality is negotiated on a case-by-case basis and typically includes:
Bottled Water for Stage
Hot Meal w/ Beverages OR Food & Beverage Allowance (To be determined) for all musicians and road crew
Private Dressing Room: Deli Platter (Assorted Meats & Cheeses) w/ Fixings, Assorted Breads / Rolls, Assorted Beverages (Bottled Water, Coffee, Tea, Seltzer, Juices), and Assorted Fresh Whole Fruit for musicians and road crew


Overnight accommodations are typically required for each musician and member of road crew whose travel following a performance exceeds 150 miles or 2-1/2 hours of travel time.

Note: Single Hotel Room for each musician and member of road crew preferred


Travel is typically included in pricing.
Fly-In Events require Air Fare and Ground Transportation for all musicians and road crew.


Pricing is negotiated on a case-by-case basis, and depends on numerous factors including but not limited to: Type of Event, Number of Sets, Capacity of Venue, and Travel Distance. Options include:

Straight Guarantee
Minimum Guarantee + % of Gross Ticket Sales / Music Charge
Suggested Ticket Price / Music Charge: $10 – $20

EMAIL or CALL to negotiate Pricing and Terms
(845) 741-5389