Rhett Tyler

"It ain't nothin' but the blues…"

Concert Review Excerpts…

“Tyler let loose a torrent of blues-rock that delighted a clearly devoted audience… Beginning with Clapton, Richards, Page, Beck, Hendrix and the Winter brothers, blues inspired a generation of hard rock and heavy metal guitar gods… What Tyler has in common with his predecessors is excellent taste in addition to technique, and a true feeling for the blues…  His improvisational abilities betray the influence of jazz and jazz-influenced rockers such as Joe Satriani.”Read the entire review

- Alexander M. Stern, Metroland, Albany, NY


“Every time I hear his blues guitar, I expect to wake up to some realization that I’ve been fooling myself. He can’t be that good. No one can communicate such subtlety in the mouth of a blast furnace. He nails the dynamic of a primal scream. He manages total control in the face of raw energy pulling down on 10 tons of rusty steel – technique in the frontal assault of a hurricane…Tyler is a rocket slicing through the sky, soaring into free flight compared to most rockin’ blues guitarists’ crash and burn free fall.”

- Donald E. Wilcock, Bluesprint, Scotia, NY


“What a night it was! …The [Saratoga County Fair] Live Music Pavilion  was rocking as the appreciative audience demanded more. The power trio delivered stinging pyrotechnics, musical lightning with authority. The heavens were aligned and the Blues was alive- it was a great show…

- Paul Hill, Your Hometowne, Burnt Hills, NY


“Rhett Tyler not only plays the blues, he attacks it…along with the blues feel of Stevie Ray Vaughan, there was a definite Eric Johnson-like fluidity… At the hands of Tyler, the blues could be something enjoyed by not just by blues fans, but by anyone who appreciates good music…”

- Dean Sternberg, Noise Chamber, Southern Dutchess News, Wappingers Falls, NY


“…the most stunning, gut-wrenching blues and roots rock I’ve ever heard.”

­- Richard Skelly, The Home News, NJ


“To tell the truth you’d be hard-pressed to find a better blues guitarist than Rhett Tyler and a tighter power blues trio than Early Warning….high octane blues played at its house rockin’ best”

- Uncle Mike, The Two Rivers Times, Red Bank, NJ


“Rhett Tyler and Early Warning delivered what they promised,…house-rocking blues that excited the crowd…an impressive opening set that won them a standing ovation and more than a few new fans.”

- Michael Lisi, The Sunday Gazzette, Albany, NY


“ A powerful guitarist, inventive songwriter and vocalist, Rhett Tyler is as passionate a singer and player of blues as you’re likely to find anywhere in America today.”

- Richard Skelly, Low Budget Blues, WRSU 88.7 FM, New Brunswick, NJ


“…this ex-Texan turned out to be qualified, edified, and sactified., …he played his ass off.”

- Todd Paul, Chronogram, New Paltz, NY


“Rhett Tyler plays with a smile on his face and fire from his fingertips…sang with authority and played his guitar as if it were the last day of his life”

- Alan Wechsler, The Times Herald-Record, Middletown, NY


“…a band with just the right chemistry and groove to make it work….he takes you on a musical journey and you never know where you’ll end up.”

- Sally Upshaw, Tri-State Blues, Elmont, NY


“Tyler is a guitarist who would probably sound great playing in any genre – he’s technically skilled – but what really comes through his blues is an uplifting passion that has few equals.”

- Philip H. Farber, Preview, Daily Freeman, NY


“Tyler took virtually no time in impressing the audience of fans and newcomers at Hudson House with his guitar work…Tyler not only has command of more blues licks than most of the competition, but he puts them together more intelligently”

- Eric Shepard, Night Music, Rockland Journal News, West Nyack, NY


“Rhett Tyler and Early Warning almost overshadowed veteran Chicago bluesman Lonnie Brooks at the third show with his dedication to “the preacher’s son,” Roy Buchanan.”

- T. Bone Katz, Gig Bag, Bluesprint, Scotia, NY


“…soul-soothing guitar licks that would have made blues legend Robert Johnson approvingly nod his head to the toe-tapping rhythm… spectacular guitar pyrotechnics”

- Matt Griswold, Quad-City Times, IA